I took on an additional vCISO client SecureG https://secureg.io! SecureG is the Digital Trust Broker that enables secure, Zero Trust Architecture through PKI at the device level in 5G networks. I am working with the team to build the core trust anchors and the global Certificate Authorities. SecureG’s target markets are Government and Telecommunications.

I have had several interviews on TV and Radio. Here are the three most recent talking about Cyber Security Issues.
Tom Shattuck – DDoS Attack
Jason King – Credit Card Fraud
Jennifer Crompton – Phone Hacking and Crypto Theft

I am still working as a vCISO for Authx, Certify Health, OnePay, and Cyber Defense Media Group. Additionally, I am helping early-stage Cyber companies Cythereal and Cion Systems.
Here is an update on what I am doing with my customers:

AuthX completed its first NIST 800-53 (Medium) audit and continues to provide Frictionless Authentication with Biometric MFA. https://authx.com

I was with Certify Health at the HIMSS 2022 Conference in Orlando last month, and it proved to be a successful showing for Certify! Certify Health also completed its HiTRUST audit. https://certifyhealth.com

OnePay has added an additional device to their (Point to Point Encryption) P2PE solution. https://onepay.com

This June, Cyber Defense Media Group is ramping up for their 10th annual Global Infosec Awards at RASC2022. Also, CDMG is launching its Cyber Defense Conference 2022 from October 27, 2022 – to October 28, 2022, in Orlando! For the top 100 CISOs in the world to network and learn about trends in Cyber. https://cyberdefenseconferences.com/

CytherReal is a pre-zero-day malware detection solution. It enables the software supply chain and real-time malicious code detection before entering your systems. https://www.cythereal.com/

Cion Systems is the leading Active Directory management and hardening solution today. https://cionsystems.com

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