The city of Dallas is currently grappling with a severe ransomware attack that has disrupted its […]
Team Aligned
  In the context of cybersecurity, stakeholder alignment refers to the process of ensuring that all […]
Gap Analysis
In the context of cybersecurity, a current state gap analysis service is an assessment that identifies […]
Cyber Soup Chef
In today’s world, cybersecurity is more important than ever. With the rise of cyber-attacks and data […]
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Hard2Hack provides cyber security advisory services. Our primary focus is to help our clients protect their […]
The internet has become an integral part of our daily lives. It’s where we work, socialize, […]
As technology continues to integrate into healthcare practices, the need for cybersecurity has become increasingly important. […]
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The art of balancing risk management and innovation: a key factor in today’s cybersecurity landscape. In […]
I took on an additional vCISO client SecureG https://secureg.io! SecureG is the Digital Trust Broker that […]
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The Holiday call from a buddy you do not want to get – much less make. […]